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What is Denver Home Health?

Many seniors and caregivers confuse home health care with "home care". Home care is delivered by aides who help people shower or get dressed or who cook, clean and serve as a companion.

Home health care is at-home health care delivered by medical professionals (doctors, nurse practitioner, nurses, physical therapist, etc.), and is covered by Medicare. Home care is not covered by Medicare, for the most part.

We know that seniors see their homes as sanctums, and they don't want strangers invading their privacy. They think they've been getting along just fine and have unrealistic expectations of what recovering from a hospitalization will entail. Home health, regular visits from a Nurse Practitioner, and doctor can reduce the chances of a re-admittance to the hospital by up to 85% in seniors over the age of 70.

From our experience we have observed that patients haven't been told, in clear and concrete terms, which services would be provided, by whom, for how long, how much it would cost and what the expected benefit would be. So, they don't understand what they're getting into, prompting resistance to home health.

Preferred Provider Services - Denver Home Health

At Preferred Provider Services our intake specialist can help inform you on the services we can provide in your care and recovery.

The goals of home health care are to help you get better, regain your independence, become as self-sufficient as possible, and/or maintain your current condition or level of function, and to slow decline in your condition. When we visit you in your home, some of the things that we do include:

  • Check that you’re eating and drinking

  • Check your blood pressure

  • Take your temperature

  • Get a heart rate reading

  • Check your breathing

  • Verify that you are taking your prescriptions, other drugs and any treatments correctly

  • Ask if you’re having pain

  • Check your overall safety in the home

We teach you about your care so you can take care of yourself, and we also coordinate your care. This means we make sure there is a line of communication regularly with you, your doctor, and anyone else who gives you care.

It is understood that older adults are quite concerned about their independence, and they worry that this might be the first step in someone trying to take that away. Be assured this is not that case when you engage any home health services. " We want to help you take care of yourself.

Schedule a Home Health Screening Today

At Preferred Provider Services, we provide in home health care with 24-hour access to a Nurse Practitioner and a doctor. Contact us to explore the possibility of us meeting your medical needs so you can remain independent in your home.

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