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COVID-19 Care Response

Dear Patients, 


As we all try to understand the best way to stay healthy and keep informed in this time of COVID-19, we wanted to share with you how we are adapting at Preferred Provider Services. 

First of all, because all of our patients have underlying conditions, and most are in the high risk category for severe disease, we are committed to helping  you manage your health and minimize the risk of needing emergency services or hospitalization during these trying times.

Our call center remains open, but we have reduced our staff to essential personnel only (to protect our office workers). Intake, Scheduling, Clinical Support, Chronic Care Management and Billing departments are open Monday thru Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.  

We now offer telemedicine visits, when appropriate. However, if we feel it necessary to see you in person to manage your chronic conditions and minimize the risk of needing ER or hospital visits—our doctors and nurse practitioners will continue to see you in your home or facility. 

At this time, we are ordering only essential blood tests, x rays and home health services and will postpone all elective surgeries, procedures and non urgent specialty visits.


Please be assured, we are following all federal (CDC) and state (CDPHE) guidelines regarding infection control and disease surveillance, testing and quarantine measures. 

In the meantime----stay as healthy as you can!


  • Take all routine medicines and keep a 90 day refill in your home 
  • Avoid all out of home activities and have groceries and medications delivered 

  • Ask extended family members to avoid visiting in person and ask immediate family members to avoid visits if they are sick in any way 

  • Eat a healthy diet and drink plenty of water. 

  • Avoid alcohol (more than one small drink daily) 

  • Stop smoking now, if you haven’t already 

  • Get plenty of sleep 

  • Go for a walk daily (even if it’s just around your house) 

  • Practice stress reduction (turn off the TV at times)

  • Continue social interactions (by phone or computer) to avoid depression and anxiety


Contact the PPS office for concerns or questions!  

 via Phone: 303-481-7030

(Messages are returned in 1 business day, push option 0 for urgent issues) 


via Email:

Please refer to the CDC and CO state guidelines for further information.


Warmest Regards,


                                        Your Preferred Provider Services Staff

Man with Medical Mask
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